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paul and cynthia
Paul Rodgers & Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers are patrons of Willows. Video: I've Been Loving You Too Long
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About Willows Animal Sanctuary
Willows Animal Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Aberdeenshire and will try to help any animal in distress. We operate a strict no kill policy and only put an animal to sleep on veterinary advice. Willows now cares for almost 100 equines as well as over 60 cats and dogs, 100 farm animals and birds and many more small animals and reptiles. We particularly try to help horses and ponies who would otherwise face slaughter.

We are totally dependent on donations, legacies and grants from benevolent organizations to keep the sanctuary running. Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by well-known large national charities, but we can only continue to help needy animals with your support!
The Animal Assisted Therapy Unit at Willows

Willows helps many vulnerable people with its animal - assisted therapy programme. The concept of allowing rescued animals to help vulnerable people on the road back to health is very innovative and has been independently evaluated and shown to be highly beneficial. For more information click here.

Paul and Cynthia Rodgers

Patrons Paul and Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers are true animal lovers and have many rescues of their own. They are extremely dedicated and involved with Willows Animal Sanctuary.

Singer, Songwriter Paul Rodgers formed iconic bands Free & Bad Company. He and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page formed The Firm. Queen and Paul Rodgers joined forces to tour and record before he returned to his Solo career. Dr Rodgers, an Ivor Novello Award winner, has released 36 albums and sold in excess of 90 million in his 45 year career and was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the '100 Greatest Singers Of All Time.'

Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers is a former Miss Canada and Host/Writer of TV's highly ranked international exercise show the Everyday Workout 1986-2000. This Simon Fraser University graduate is an artist and animal rescuer who in the past three years has personally rescued/rehomed more than 70 animals.

Paul says: 'Having visited Willows Animal Sanctuary I am aware of the immense need for what they do. Not only do they employ vulnerable people, seven days a week they run an Animal Assisted Therapy Program pairing challenged individuals with animals to aid in their healing. If that weren't enough they provide a sanctuary before heaven to more than 300 unwanted, abused and old animals ranging from rabbits, cats, dogs, sheep to horses of all sizes and have been doing so with limited funding for 15 years. To help them continue please join Cynthia and I by signing on as a Friend of Willows'.

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