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Shetland Ponies: The Story of One of Our Many Rescues
We were contacted last year (2014) by a very desperate lady who urgently needed help with two Shetland pony mares and a filly foal. The lady suffers from an auto immune disease and has become allergic to daylight which had made looking after her ponies very difficult. She also expressed concern that the paddock they were in, which although it had looked good in summer, was now so wet that the ponies were sometimes up to their hocks in mud and she feared that two of the ponies were again in foal. Her only other option had been to put the ponies into a market which would risk a very uncertain future for them.

The ponies were quite a way from Willows on the border between Perth and Angus, but Animal Health were extremely helpful with facilitating the move to Willows. It was also some time since their feet had been trimmed and all in all Animal Health felt that the sooner they could be removed the better.

They all arrived safely and were checked and blood tested by our vets. We awaited the results of the pregnancy tests with interest! The filly foal has been named Daisy and the two mares are called Ruby and Penny.

Ruby is on the left, the foal is called Daisy and on the right hand side is Penny.

It turned out that Ruby was not pregnant and after treatment was successfully re-homed.

Penny had a colt foal called Bertie.

Peny, Daisy and Bertie now live together at Willows as a family.

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