We value every gift, no matter how small - your contribution wiil really make a difference!

Our Gift To You

Willows will send you occasional newsletters.
In exchange for your monthly gift, you will receive a Willows Supporter Pack which contains a car sticker, pin badge, collecting box, and leaflets.
You'll also be added to our exclusive Facebook group.

Some of the ways we use your gift

By making a monthly gift you can bring more security for the sanctuary.
We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by large national charities.
We have helped many elderly horses live out their lives in peace, and we continue to do so - everyday.
We have saved many elderly animals from euthanasia by the well known national charities, and we continue to do so - everyday.
We operate an Animal Assisted Therapy Program for vulnerable people in our region.
To help pay the Willows vet bill.
To help with the purchase of animal feed of many kinds.
group of rescued horses at Willows

A group of horses at Willows enjoying the summer pasture. They will live out their lives in peace - because of gifts, donations, legacies and contributions of other kinds made by Willows wonderful supporters. Willows can't do it without your help.