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Today to 23rd Dec 2019 (except Tue/Weds)
28th, 29th & 30th Dec 2019
2nd to 5th Jan 2020
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18th Jan 2020 (except Tue/Weds)
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'QVR cannot think of a better charity organization to offer that humanly help desperately needed by so many animals
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cynthia and paulPaul Rodgers & Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers

deb and jackDeborah Bonham & Peter Bullick

Animal Asst. Therapy

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21 Years Rescuing Animals at Willows!

Willows Animal Sanctuary is the largest, ethically managed, equine, farm and domestic animal sanctuary in Scotland and will try to help any animal in distress. We operate a strict no kill policy and only euthanise an animal on veterinary advice. We look after over 450 animals including over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys, approximately 65 cats and dogs and many reptiles as well as over 200 farm animals and birds. We are very dependent on donations, legacies and grants from benevolent organizations to keep the sanctuary running. Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by well-known large national charities, but we can only continue to help needy animals with your support!
Sammy - a Rescue Story
Sammy is one of Willows oldest rescues. We don't know his exact age, but it is more than 30 years. Whe he arrived he was in very poor condition and his feet were badly overgrown and generally in a very poor state - it took the Willows farrier many months to correct them.

He doesn’t have many teeth which quite common for his age and he needs to eat lots of soaked forage based feeds. He also hates the horse dentist! Sammy is happy in his lifelong home at Willows.

Our Pledge to the Animals in Our Care
When you come to Willows, we will embrace and care for you. If you arrive broken, we will fix you if we can, and bring you back to good health. If you were let down in the past, we promise to keep you safe and we will do our best for you at all times, for you are now truly home. Your soul may be battered and broken, but all that is over now and you must let the past be the past. Peace and love will be all you know now and food and water will be in abundance. Shelter, bedding and medicine can be taken for granted now and we will watch over you.

When you become unwell and no pain relief works, when you are tired and you let us know that enough is enough, we will be there to hold you, with love and reassurance, as a kind vet helps you to slip quietly to sleep. Our hearts may be broken once again, but we take comfort in knowing that you are now safe and out of pain. When the next soul arrives, we’ll be strong enough to do it all again! Because to give a great life, means you have to be there to hold them at the end.

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