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Video Diary for 2009 Heart Warming!
A video that describes the work we do. Shot in the period January - March 2009. 3 rescued dogs: Poppy, Pippa and Merlin enjoying a rather wet walk in the sunshine.
A video that describes the work we do. Shot in the period April - June 2009. 2 animals - a piglet called Truffles and a young dog - Perdie - playing together. Both animals were rescued by Willows.
A video that describes the work we do. Shot in the period July - September 2009.  
A video that describes the work we do. Shot in the period October - December 2009    
Video Diary 2010 Boxing Day
Some of the events of 2010 - and the animals of course. At Willows we sometimes find animals abandoned inside a cardboard box on our track. While this is much better than doing nothing or having the animals destroyed, it is still rather sad.
Barefoot Trimming Simple Vegan Recipes to Save the Planet!
Most horses kept today do not require horseshoes to be fitted. This video shows a little of how Barefot Trimming is done. It also features Rocket who has had an extra 3 years of life becaue of this technique - so far! A very simple, quck and surprisingly tasty bean salad for people who don't like such things!
Open Days and General Videos of Willows A delicious chilli made without  meat or dairy products - most people don't even notice. This is not boring healthy food!
After the hard winter of 2010/11 we eventually managed to get everything ready for the Easter Open Day! A mild and creamy curry for lovers of spicy food without the heat of chilli!
With serious snow and wintery weather at the beginning of the year, 2010 had it all. We had a Dog Show and and other events. Bunnies!
A little on the Animal Assisted Therapy programme that we run at Willows and why we do the work that we do. Bunnies rescued from a rubbish skip - May 2010
Companion Horses Sandi Thom - a Patron of Willows
Everyone needs a friend!. Sandi Thom patron of Willows taking time out from her busy schedule to visit staff and the many rescued animals.
Kittens Born at Willows! Perdie
Willows took in 2 pregnant cats who had, between them 10 grey kittens. Most of the kittens have now been re-homed. This video tells the story of their birth to 5 weeks old. Perdie was rescued by someone who was unable to offer her a home. When she came to Willows she was matted, starving and covered in excrement. She is a beautiful and loving dog and she was given a permanent home by one of our staff.
Hoof Prints on Your Heart
A short video inspired by one of our fund raisers.

Some of Our Favourite Sites...

 WAVES Radio 101.2 FM in North East Scotland

Animal Aid

Respect for Animals

Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation - Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation - Viva!'s sister group, the UK's foremost active
charity campaigning on health and nutrition and helping the nation go veggie. Includes Recipe Club, Health MOT,
Campaigns, Fact Sheets, Vegetarian Shop and much more.

Vegan Society

Vegetarian Society

VIVA! - Vegetarian and Vegan Voice for Animals

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