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Willows specialises in taking in cats who are not house trained or have psychological problems or are feral. At the moment we have over 50 cats, many have suffered hardships or were simply unwanted. Some had loving families that experienced a change in circumstances and were forced to give up their pets.

Our cat welfare unit comprises of a Cat Hotel, where all our residents are completely free to come go and free range over lots of barns and fields as they please. There is also a dedicated cat hospital and hospice for those needing medical treatment, check-ups or those who need a little TLC.

Every cat is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and is checked regularly by our staff and vets. They receive lots of fuss from our staff, volunteers and visitors.

Setting up a direct debit with GoCardless is completely safe and you can cancel at any time. It only takes a few clicks so please choose a cat to support!